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Zagreb city tour photoshoot with Juliana

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

It was the last day of summer when I met Brasilian travel and fashion blogger Juliana for her Zagreb City portrait tour. We started our walk at Park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera where we got some amazing shots of the architecture with beautiful lavander bushes in the background. We swiftly moved on to take some portraits at the stairs of Zagreb Art Pavillion. Zrinjevac Park was our next destination and with the first autumn leaves on the ground it looked very pretty and atmospheric. We walked through the streets of central Zagreb and through alleyways which lead us to Zakmardijeve stube and straight to Upper town.

One of the prettiest panoramic view points of Zagreb City is even prettier at sunset - we timed it just right. The sun was already going down when we took some fashion styled shots at Saint Catherine of Alexandria church and some really cool photos of the St. Mark's Church in the early evening.

Even though we ran out of light and took all the photos we planned, it was hard to say goodbye so we stayed together for our final walk through the spectacular Tunel Gric which runs under the historic neighbourhood of Gric.

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Juliana's blog can be found here.

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