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My name is Iva, I am a full time professional photographer with a background in economics and marketing.

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My Story

My interest in photography started over thirty years ago when listening to my dad explaining the dial buttons on our old Zenith camera to my older sisters. It didn't make any sense to me but I was still intrigued. In my late teens I saved up for my first  35mm SLR and spent hours developing my own black and white photos in an improvised darkroom in my bathroom. I then spent a few years travelling and photographing the world and finally settled in Great Britain where I focused on wedding and family photography.


After the birth of my two children, I realised the importance and beauty of family photography and how vital it is to capture life’s most precious moments. In order to spend more time with family, I moved back to Croatia and settled in a quiet area of Zagreb where I opened Iza Objektiva Fine Art portrait studio.

For me, the most important moment in photography is to build connection and trust. I am not comfortable being photographed myself and I understand how intimate it is to allow yourself into the hands of a photographer. I try to keep sessions informal and hope to nurture a relaxed atmosphere.

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