I am happy to announce that Christmas Mini Sessions are happening again this year!

Sessions are taking place at my studio at Markuševečka Dubrava 28.


More info here


Having a photosession can be intimidating. Getting all ready, going to studio, meeting your photographer, feeling a bit uncomfortable, all the lights, poses... Not easy. But then doing all that whilst you are pregnant and sometimes you don't even feel like yourself and your body doesn't look like your own can be even more intimidating. Instead of thinking about the negatives of a session, I always encourage my clients to focus on the goal. Think about this special time in your life which will fade in your memory in five or ten years time. Think about these amazing memories of how strong and capable your body is to endure the nine months of change, prepare for the new baby and know everything it needs to do even if you have no idea who is in charge. Your pregnancy needs to be celebrated and your pregnancy photos will tell a story of how special and beautiful you are. So if you don't feel glamorous I can tell you that I do see you in all your beauty. And the photos will show that too.


When doing family session it is very important to add these individual poses of one parent alone with the child. They show the beautiful bond in one on one interaction and often are the photos our children will cherish the most when they are grown ups looking through their photo albums. Here's a gallery of a recent Mummy and me session.