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One of the main focus for me during your family photo session is the capture the true nature of your family and your child. I don't need smiles or poses, I am looking for that moment of connection. When your child relaxes and stops feeling the pressure of having to do something, then the magic begins. I am always trying to capture a real person behind those beautiful eyes.

For more info on my family and children sessions please visit All sessions are held in English or Croatian.


Updated: Jul 23, 2023

I had a pleasure photographing this family the other day and I just love how the photos turned out. They wanted the emphasis to be on their daughter but were also hoping we will capture a few good family photos they can frame. Petra was just adorable, shy at first she quickly relaxed infront of the camera and was really enjoying all the clothing and accessories changes.


Updated: Jul 23, 2023

You may need a profile photo for your LinkedIn or Instagram profile, your old work photo is just not what you want, you are a musician and need some photographs of your art. It is difficult to get all this done in just one session. Or is it not? I had a wonderful session with this talented lawyer, singer, flute player and a pianist. Yup, all one person. We decided to do a studio session as well as outdoor session and we were both thrilled with the results.

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