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A maternity session allows you to capture and celebrate the beauty of your pregnancy. It will remind you of the joy and excitement of bringing your baby into the world.  Whether this is your first baby or not, each pregnancy is special. 

The best time to schedule your maternity photo session is between 29 and 34 weeks but it all depends on you and how you are feeling. I have shot maternity pictures days before due dates, so don’t worry if you think you have left it too late!

Your partner and other children are welcome to come with you. It is important to include them and share these special moments with them too.

Sessions are held in my studio and take approximately an hour.  I will capture pictures of you individually, with the husband/partner as well as with children, if there are any. 

I have maternity dresses and floating fabrics for you to use during the shoot and you are welcome to have unlimited clothing changes.

I also suggest to bring some of your own clothing for more casual maternity pictures as well as a set of nude or black underwear.

For packages and prices click HERE.

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